SGI: High Risk Dignitary Protection Course

New Training Opportunity in SoCal from Solutions Group International:

SGI High-Risk Dignitary Protection Course Now Open To Responsible Armed Citizens

SGI is happy to announce we have opened our High Risk Dignitary Protection course to responsible armed citizens. The 4 day, 40 hour HRDP course provides focused, in depth instruction to prepare students for placement on an armed Protective Service Detail (PSD). Students will learn requisite skills for operations in high-threat and non-permissive environments, and will be immersed in rigorous, physically and sensorily challenging training scenarios to test those skills under stress.

The nature of this training will provide students with the background they need to implement contextual, responsive security profiles predicated on evolving threats.

The next HRDP class is scheduled for April 13-16.

Instruction will be provided by currently serving U.S. Department of State Dignitary and Diplomatic Security Service personnel. These instructors work CONUS and OCONUS in environments that range the threat scale. This course was created using the State Department’s DSS model, and was later approved the training of PSD operators providing security to a foreign diplomat and his family. The vast real world experience of SGI’s instructors combines with their ongoing work at home and abroad to ensure this class is kept completely up to date.

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