TCI/Safariland DEHP Review

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a review on here. I’ve been busy with Breach Bang Clear assignments and projects. So today, I review my favorite and go-to electronic ear pro:


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Electronic hearing protection is important when you’re in an environment where firearms are discharged. Whether you’re a police officer tactical team member to a civilian gun enthusiast shooting at the local range.
The first job of ear protection is keeping the harmful noise from damaging your ear drums, which can be accomplished with simple ear muffs or plugs. With the simple barriers, you also eliminate the majority of every other sounds, making it difficult to hear speech level noise. 

In order to be able to hear what you need to hear without being exposed to harmful noise, you need Digital Electronic Hearing Protection. Conveniently, that’s what DEHP stands for on Tactical Command Industries (TCI) headsets. I’ve owned many different sets of electronic headsets from a variety of different manufacturers over the past decade and in terms of protection, sound quality from amplification and comfort, the TCI DEHP are in my opinion and experience, the best I’ve had.

The DEHP closely resembles the MSA Sordin head sets. From my research online, the only thing they have in common are the ear cup housing and suspension systems. That is where the similarities end. All of the internal electronic components are all made in house and are an improved overall system. Some of the features that are superior when compared to the Sordin: the DEHP has a better Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 21 decibels, 600 hours of battery life with two standard AAA batteries, waterproof battery compartment and internal electronics.
I’ve had a set of Sordins over the past few years, which are great sets and have been my go to electronic ear pro when I hit the range. When I got the DEHP for evaluation, it didn’t take long to hear the difference between the two.

The DEHP set I received were OD Green with Behind The Head (BTH) suspension and outfitted with optional gel ear seal inserts. After having the standard Over The Head (OTH) suspension system on my Sordins, I decided to go with the BTH and I am glad I did. If you ever have to wear a helmet along with electronic ear pro, you already know what I’m talking about! In order to for me to get the OTH to fit inside my helmets, I would remove some padding and the sides of the head band will eventually pinch the sides of your head and generate some horrendous head aches. With the BTH system on the DEHP, the headaches are gone when worn underneath a helmet. The BTH system consists of two parts, the main part is the metal band that goes behind your head at the bottom of your hair line and then there’s the adjustable mesh strap that goes over your head to add stability. The suspension systems are not interchangeable so you have to choose one that works for you. My only recommendation is that you go with BTH if you have plan on wearing them in conjunction with a helmet.

The gel seal inserts are an optional upgrade that is something is absolutely necessary when employing the DEHP’s or Sordins for that matter. The inserts work with both systems and add a degree of comfort that will make you wonder why you didn’t have them before. I wore my Sordins for over a year before deciding to upgrade the gel ear seal inserts and it was like night and day. When I was getting the DEHP’s I made sure that was part of the package. The standard ear seals eventually lose the air cushion over time and then it starts to get uncomfortable really fast. I learned and experienced that after taking an 8 pistol course with the standard seals. I wish I had the gel inserts then.

Having both Sordins and DEHPs, I was able to compare the sound quality of each set side by side. If you’re familiar with the sound quality of a Sordin, then you know that it is very clear and ambient noise is well amplified. If you can imagine even better quality sound than that, then that is where the DEHP stands in terms of sound quality. The sound with the DEHP is more refined with less low level static or white noise. You’re going to get that underlying white noise in any electronic ear pro, but you get a lot less with the DEHP, allowing you to hear everything else more clearly.
TCI’s DEHP are the highest quality electronic hearing protection available that I am familiar with. Their quality exceeds everything I have used or tried out over the years. They are compatible to the ever popular Liberator II and III Tactical Headsets that are used by SWAT Teams all over the country and can always be upgraded by TCI in the future if you so desire. 

 photo courtesy of Muzzle Flash Media. 

You can order them directly at Safariland’s website below and see the fact sheet:—tcis-digital-electronic-hearing-protection-DEHP.html#start=1

If you’re looking for the best hearing protection available, the DEHP is hard to beat. You have a choice of Black or OD Green ear cups and OTH or BTH. The optional Gel Ear Seal Inserts for an additional cost, which I highly recommend.

-Fifty Shades of FDE