Radical Firearms SHOT Show 2018

Radical Firearms SHOT Show 2018

While I was at SHOT, I stopped by and visited my friend Mel over at the Radical Firearms booth to check out what’s new.

First up is a 6.5 Grendel Upper. It is a Complete 416R Stainless Billet Upper with a 24″ barrel in a 1/9 twist rate.
It features a side charging bolt and a 15″ MOR Rail in MLOK.
MSRP is $664.95

Radical Firearms is now offering as a complete rifle or upper chambered in .224 Valkyrie.
It will have a 22″ 416R Steel Medium Contour Barrel in a 1/7 twist with a MLOK rail.
MSRP for the Complete rifle is $829.94

I took a look at their prototype side charging, single shot upper. It doesn’t have a gas tube or threaded barrel. This will make it legal in all states.

Crye Precision G4

Crye Precision G4 SHOT Show 2018

Crye Precision is releasing a new generation of Combat and Field uniforms, the G4.

The G4 is an improvement over the G3 with many new features and introducing new materials.

Both the shirt and pants will be true to size. They were designed to be more flexible and less bulky. They come in two versions, VTX Ripstop and FR.

The pockets lay flat and don’t puff outwards and tuck in seamlessly.
The bottom was redesigned to look like regular pants, allowing for a more low visible signature to help blend in.

For the FR version, the FR fabric is cut at 45° with command twill stop and thinned out fabric. This all keeps the FR properties without sacrificing flexibility and keeps it light weight.

The G4 line will be available mid-spring in Khaki, Ranger Green, Black and of course, Multicam.

Here it is altogether on a mannequin kitted up:

The Airflex knee pads also got a makeover and redesign. They offer 40% impact protection with 25% increase in vents. They have improved retention with more velcro material.

The edges have been smoothed out to reduce snagging.
Best part of all, it doesn’t add any weight over the current version.

They also have added fit lines that are centered on the shins to give more airflow and helps it stay in place without having to tighten the theretention straps too much.
They are compatible with the G3 Combat Pants.

That’s all for now, I will follow up with the Airlite SPC Carrier and the LRB later!

Victory First SHOT Show 2018

Victory First SHOT Show 2018

I stopped by and spoke to Matt Jacques about new products from Victory First.

Victory First is introducing blank slides and barrels for Glock 19, 17 and soon for the 43. This will allow you to have your slide machined to your liking and gives you more options without having to work around a factory slide.

They will be sold separately or packaged with slide and barrel.

For more information go to:

Night Vision Operators Course with 1 Minute Out and Emerging Tactical Solutions

Training Announcement Night Vision Operators Course

While I was SHOT Show two weeks ago, I met Jamey Caldwell at the CORE Survival booth. He was great to talk to, with many years of experience and was a wealth of knowledge. He has his training company called 1 Minute Out to share lessons he learned in combat. He has teamed up with Emerging Tactical Solutions for an upcoming Night Vision Operators Course in Tucson, Arizona on March 15 and 16. Here is the full announcement with background information on the instructors:

Instructors: Sergeant Major (r) Jamey Caldwell, spent more than 21 years in the United States Army, serving his entire career in Special Operations. SGM Caldwell served 7 years with the 75th Ranger Regiment then spent the following 14 years in a Special Missions Unit that maintained a high operational tempo in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries in the world. He has deployed to combat 14 times and has conducted well over 500 missions. SGM Caldwell has been awarded three medals for valorous actions in combat while under direct fire from the enemy. During his career SGM Caldwell has consistently dedicated himself to the success of the mission and put the unit’s goals in front of his own. He has been sought after for his leadership skills, planning, leading combat operations, teaching marksmanship skills and CQB, culminating from years of adaptive thinking in combat situations.

Pat Hickcox is a retired Sergeant with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and a founding board member for the Arizona Tactical Officers Association. Pat served 8 years in the U.S. Army including as a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant during a combat deployment to Iraq from 2004 to 2005. Pat developed the course curriculum and is the lead instructor for the NTOA’s NVG course. He is also the owner of Emerging Tactical Solutions, a night vision sales and training company.

Description: In this 2 day course we will combine the best of both L.E. Tactical use of NVG’s and the best in U.S. Military Special Operations TTP’s and lessons learned to provide you with the most comprehensive and relevant information on the use of NVG’s. We take a crawl, walk, run approach to this training, providing a solid foundation for NVG capability through classroom discussions, practical exercises, live fire range drills and scenario based exercises using marking rounds.

• Equipment selection, set up and use
• Legal issues
• Laser safety
• IR Laser zeroing
• Operational considerations
• Interior movement/CQC
• Team Communication
• Rural movement • Training development/sustainment
• Team member marking/safety
• Developing team SOP’s

Class Size: Class size is limited to 20 students
Cost: $500 – Due NLT first training day

Date & Time: March 15th & 16th 2018
Day 1- 1200hrs – 2400hrs
Day 2- 1800hrs – 0200hrs

Location: Tucson P.D. Range 10001 S. Wilmot Rd. Tucson, AZ 85756

Registration: Register with [email protected]
Contact Tel # 602 855-1160

Course Requirements:
• Legal U.S. Citizen • Sworn/Certified Law Enforcement
• Active duty or Reserve U.S. Military
• Exceptions to military or L.E. on a case by case basis – Please contact us for more info

Equipment List:
• Helmet mountable night vision device
• Carbine w/ weapon light, minimum 4 magazines, (IR Laser preferred)
• Duty pistol w/holster, weapon light and night sights (RDS preferred)
• 500 rounds of carbine ammo
• 100 rounds handgun ammo
• Simms kit for carbine and 50 rounds
• Simms kit for pistol and 50 rounds (Optional)
• Clear eye and ear protection
• Handheld flashlight
• Complete call out/tactical gear
• Spare batteries for all equipment

Accommodations: While there is not a designated host hotel, for students needing a hotel during this course it is recommended that you book a hotel near the Tucson airport.