Radical Firearms SHOT Show 2018

Radical Firearms SHOT Show 2018

While I was at SHOT, I stopped by and visited my friend Mel over at the Radical Firearms booth to check out what’s new.

First up is a 6.5 Grendel Upper. It is a Complete 416R Stainless Billet Upper with a 24″ barrel in a 1/9 twist rate.
It features a side charging bolt and a 15″ MOR Rail in MLOK.
MSRP is $664.95

Radical Firearms is now offering as a complete rifle or upper chambered in .224 Valkyrie.
It will have a 22″ 416R Steel Medium Contour Barrel in a 1/7 twist with a MLOK rail.
MSRP for the Complete rifle is $829.94

I took a look at their prototype side charging, single shot upper. It doesn’t have a gas tube or threaded barrel. This will make it legal in all states.

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