Wild Things Gear. SHOT Show 2020

Wild Things Gear. SHOT Show 2020
White Out Overwhites

By: Fifty Shades of FDE

I met with Wild Things team last year for the first time. This time around I visited them at their booth, #146.

Made in USA

Wild Things Gear are known for their high quality cold weather apparel. They added the White Out Overwhite Jacket and Pant. This system also has in it’s lineup, a cover for their knuckle roaster, pack as well as for helmets.

Blend in and stay warm

The Overwhite Jacket and Pant are more than a cover to help blend in with the Multicam Alpine pattern; they are an extra layer that adds resistance to the wind, water as well as IR signature.

White Out Overwhite Jacket and Pants

Everything Wild Things Gear manufactures is done by Americans with materials sourced here in the United States in order to have the highest level of quality control and performance.

Blend into the snow

There will be more products coming down the line.

Please visit www.wildthingsgear.com for more information.

Black November Sale at Cloud Defensive!

Clouddefensive COR OWL
    Clouddefensive COR OWLOWL & CORv1

The guys at Cloud Defensive don’t want people to wait till Black Friday to save on their site…if you are signed up on their mailing list, you already know about this. To sign up for their mailing list:

“text “CLOUDDEFENSIVE” to phone number 42828 and sign up for our email list. We give them the discounts and we give them first-access to new products and product re-stocks as well.”

So if you’ve been waiting for a sale on Cloud Defensive goodies, use code: BLACKNOVEMBER at checkout for 25% off the entire order!

SALE ENDS 11/21/19


Streamlight TLR-7A

Sig Sauer P320 Compact with X-Compact frame, TLR7-A

I recently upgraded my P320 Compact with the newer X-Compact frame and it created a problem, the dust cover of the rail is a bit shorter. Making a full sized WML unable to mount.

I reached out to Streamlight and they sent me a TLR-7, one that isn’t quite out yet.


Streamlight will be updating their line of TLR-7 series of mini Weapon Mounted Lights with the addition of the TLR-7A.

Many people weren’t pleased with the position and function of the current model’s switches as it requires the user to break a high thumb forward grip to activate. Looks like Streamlight was listening.

They sent me an advanced copy of the TLR-7A with the low paddles. They’re a huge improvement over the current rubberized buttons. It is easy to manipulate, however I’d rather have the switches higher up. I told them that the switch needs to be the opposite and they gave me some good news, there will be a model with the high paddle buttons.

All of the other features will be the same as the current models.

The bad news…from what I understand, you will not be able to retrofit a current TLR-7 with these new switches, you’ll have to buy a new A model.

As for fitment, it comes with multiple key inserts and for the X-Compact frame, the 1913-3 works perfectly on it.

The release will be soon, I am waiting the high switches, which will be swappable with the low ones that I have.

Standby for more as I will update this as I get the high switches. The TLR-7 should be gtg with any number of other weapons, be it the SIG Copperhead or Glock 47. Only use in the field will prove things one way or the other.

In the meantime, here’s a quick overview video:

Update 10/22/19

Some more good news, I got in two kydex holsters that were molded with the existing TLR-7s and it fits the TLR-7A perfectly so you won’t need to buy new holsters if you’re switching over.

AIWB by www.cascadiaconcealment.com

Cascadia Concealment
Cascadia Concealment AIWB

Cascadia Concealment


OWB by www.candgholsters.com

C&G Holsters OWB

Palmetto State Armory Sales 9/17/19

Vortex sonora

Here are some great deals at Palmetto State Armory! Use the links below to help support this site if you make a purchase!

Thank you all!

Vortex sonora
Vortex Optics Sonora



AR15 lower
Complete PSA Stealth Lower



Ar15 mags
AR15 magazines!


FDE! (Fifty shades of what, now?)

A rifle with a Cerakote finish in Flat Dark Earth.

You’ve been reading this for years (and thank you for that): Fifty Shades of FDE. Chances are if you’re one of our regulars, you know what FDE actually is, but some people do not. Let’s fix that.


Flat Dark Earth

FDE is the acronym for Flat Dark Earth. In simplest terms, it’s supposed to be a specific shade of earth-toned brown. Some people say it closely resembles some of the colors that can be seen in rural Afghanistan, which is probably why the guys at Breach-Bang-Clear call it “Mud Hut” or “Mud Hut Brown” when they’re trying to describe it.

We say “supposed to be” because as with any color in the tactical/gun industry, not everyone gets it right. Each letter in the acronym is indicative of something, i.e. “Flat” means it’s matte, with no shine.

FDE vs. Black - weapon contrast
A pistol in FDE and a distant cousin in black.

Cerakote (the actual company) defines FDE as a “…medium-dark, flat brown.” There are variations and gradations, of course, which is probably why they go on to clarify:

Notice: Flat Dark Earth (H-265) and MagPul Flat Dark Earth (H-267) are very similar in color and in some cases H-265 may be a closer match to MagPul’s OEM Flat Dark Earth color.

A war belt with lots of FDE (Flat Dark Earth).

FDE is different (though varyingly close t0) a number of other colors. Some companies make up their own names, some use a generic term, others go by specific color codes defined with great specificity by DoD contract.

Field Drab, for instance, is Military Color Code 30118. Yes, Military Color Code is a thing. As in, Army Green = #4b5320.

There’s much, much more to this, and as you can tell by our publication’s title it’s something we have an interest in. Check back periodically, we’ll be updating this article a lot!



Fifty Shades of FDE logo

DIY Rattlecan Paint Job in Multicam Arid

DIY Rattlecan Paint Job in Multicam Arid

Over the weekend I spent a few hours rattlecanning my Palmetto State Armory 18″ 5.56 Rifle along with the Primary Arms 3-18x HUD DMR.

I made a DIY video:

Pretty much everything you need is in this picture:

Rattle Can Materials

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions (after you watch the video)

Goat Guns Miniatures

Goat Guns Miniatures
Miniature M4 in FDE

If you’re into miniature weapons for decoration, check out Goat Guns! They sent me two M4s in FDE. They are about a foot long in length at a 1:3 Scale. All the parts are die cast metal and the attention to detail is excellent. The rear A2 sight on the carry handle is adjustable, charging handle is functional as well as many other parts. Here is the link to the same M4s that I have:

Their selection is huge, it includes the Barrett M107 and more are coming!