Streamlight TLR-7A

Sig Sauer P320 Compact with X-Compact frame, TLR7-A

I recently upgraded my P320 Compact with the newer X-Compact frame and it created a problem, the dust cover of the rail is a bit shorter. Making a full sized WML unable to mount.

I reached out to Streamlight and they sent me a TLR-7, one that isn’t quite out yet.


Streamlight will be updating their line of TLR-7 series of mini Weapon Mounted Lights with the addition of the TLR-7A.

Many people weren’t pleased with the position and function of the current model’s switches as it requires the user to break a high thumb forward grip to activate. Looks like Streamlight was listening.

They sent me an advanced copy of the TLR-7A with the low paddles. They’re a huge improvement over the current rubberized buttons. It is easy to manipulate, however I’d rather have the switches higher up. I told them that the switch needs to be the opposite and they gave me some good news, there will be a model with the high paddle buttons.

All of the other features will be the same as the current models.

The bad news…from what I understand, you will not be able to retrofit a current TLR-7 with these new switches, you’ll have to buy a new A model.

As for fitment, it comes with multiple key inserts and for the X-Compact frame, the 1913-3 works perfectly on it.

The release will be soon, I am waiting the high switches, which will be swappable with the low ones that I have.

Standby for more as I will update this as I get the high switches. The TLR-7 should be gtg with any number of other weapons, be it the SIG Copperhead or Glock 47. Only use in the field will prove things one way or the other.

In the meantime, here’s a quick overview video:

Update 10/22/19

Some more good news, I got in two kydex holsters that were molded with the existing TLR-7s and it fits the TLR-7A perfectly so you won’t need to buy new holsters if you’re switching over.


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