Pro Shot at SHOT Show 2019

By: Fifty Shades of FDE

I stopped by the Pro Shot booth #1030 and took a look at three their gun cleaning products.

1. Pro Clean Solvent is a bio, milspec solution that is non hazardous, non flammable that cleans fast without causing any harm to firearm finishes. It conditions metal and prevents corrosion. Light lubricant is needed after applying since it acts as a degreaser. It comes in three sizes, from a few ounces to a gallon bottle.

2. Concealed Carry Pistol kit is a small compact kit that could fit in some larger pockets. It comes with cleaning rods and a T handle, a small bottle of solvent and patches. The brush fits .38 to .45 caliber pistols. MSRP is at $29.99

3. Tier 1 Military Kits come in a 9mm or 5.56 pack. Each kit is enclosed in a Multicam pouch. The 5.56 kit can be purchased with an optional knife tool made by Darrel Ralph.
The 9mm kit MSRP is at $54.99
The 5.56 kit without the knife MSRP is at $69.99
With the knife, $177.11
The knife is also available separately for $69.95

For more information:

SHOT Show 2019: Wild Things Gear

By: Fifty Shades of FDE

I met with the guys at Wild Things Gear, who make high quality gear for extremely cold weather conditions. Their primary customers are from the Special Operations Community to fit their specific needs who requested gear to fit the climates that they were working in. Their products aren’t for everyone, it’s made with a purpose for those who need to be able to function in conditions that most people don’t ever go to.

They came out with the Shadow Watch Kit that focuses on the needs of those in static roles that need to stay warm. These include snipers, observers, artillery troops, JTACs and others with similar mission objectives. Wild Things Gear got a lot of insight from Jim Gilliland, founder of Shadow 6 Consulting in developing a core kit that includes eleven parts that includes a duffel bag that stores it all.

The Shadow Watch Kit consists of:

Power Stretch®: Expedition weight 1⁄4-zip pullover top, watch cap and shorts for packable, next to skin warmth without the bulk.

Activet Flex Jacket: Highly breathable hooded jacket designed for the mobile warrior. Full stretch, DWR/ NIR, and high abrasion resistance.

Soft Shell Pants S.O.: Fleece lined, 4-way stretch pants designed with performance, durability, and warmth. Gusseted crotch and articulated knees provide enhanced comfort and movement.

Wind Shirt | Wind Pant: Extremely compressible and highly versatile wind shirt and pant made of 30D nylon with DWR/NIR protection.

Survivalist Poncho: PU coated nylon poncho, also functions as shelter or ground cloth – 56” x 87”.

Knuckle Roaster-FR: Packable hand warmer and storage. Allows user to maintain hand dexterity in the coldest environments.

Shelter/Poncho Liner: Quilted DWR nylon liner for use as an insulated blanket or poncho liner – 72” x 96”.

GOAT Bag: 57L duffel bag to keep the kit organized, protected and ready to go.

I got to see all of the contents during my meeting with the guys from Wild Things Gear and it was definitely high quality with a lot of thought put into every piece.

If you’re at SHOT 2019, you can visit them in the NEXT Pavilion #N-117. If you’d like a private meeting like the one I was in, please call 828-421-4349 or 757-513-0445.

The Shadow Watch Kit is available now.

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The “RailChanger” is now available from Armageddon Gear and Area 419

The “RailChanger” is now available from Armageddon Gear and Area 419

Armageddon Gear has released something a kit they call the RailChanger. Working in collaboration with Area 419, they’ve developed some that is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews (at least from within the niche for which it was intended!). 

As Armageddon Gear describes it,

“When the Game Changer hit the market in 2016 it changed the way we shoot. Recently, ARCA has begun to make big waves as well. It was time to marry them, and this is the way we think it was meant to be done. The RailChanger package allows for the use of a Pint-Sized Game Changer with full bag contact against the width of the bottom of the rifle in a secure and adjustable fashion. It can be used in its standard upright position or on its side with this system. The Game Changer bags that come with this system are custom, and feature extra high-strength, laser cut fabric to capture the arm that we created. The arm can also be removed for normal use of the Game Changer.”

Photo Credit: Area 419 (a distributor of the RailChanger)

If you must occasionally shoot off of barricades, vehicles, or from certain unusual positions, you will, Armageddon Gear is confident, find this kit beneficial – particularly if you’re shooting competitively.

The Game Changer Kit includes:

⊕ Game Changer Pint Size Support Bag


Area 419 Rail Changer Arm

Find it online here:

Kershaw Knives “Bareknuckle” beginning to arrive

Kershaw Knives “Bareknuckle” beginning to arrive
Kershaw Knives has started 2019 strong with a knife they call the “7777 Bareknuckle.”
The 7777 Bareknuckle was inspired by the original Zero Tolerance model 0777. While it maintains many features of the original award-winning ZT0777 design, the new Kershaw version has been slimmed down and crafted from superior materials. Though officially released in 2018, the 7777 Bareknuckle is just now becoming available and will be appearing next week at SHOT Show 2019.
The Kershaw website says,
“The blade is Sandvik 14C28N, a blade steel that was originally created through a Kershaw–Sandvik partnership to produce this high-performance steel. Increased nitrogen in the formula enables 14C28N to provide excellent corrosion resistance and the ability to be hardened to 58–60 Rockwell. Sandvik calls 14C28N the overall highest performing knife steel in the world that still maintains the productivity benefit of being fine-blankable.
The Bareknuckle comes with handsome, anodized-aluminum handles in matte gray. And like our popular Knockout, the Bareknuckle features Kershaw’s patented Sub-Frame Lock to lighten in-pocket weight and to ensure safe blade lock up while in use. The blade opens manually with Kershaw’s KVT ball-bearing system and a flipper. For an additional touch of style, the blade rotates out of the handle on an oversized pivot. We complete the Bareknuckle with a reversible, deep-carry pocketclip for convenient carry on the left or right.”
Download the product spec sheet for more information.
Connect with Kershaw on social, @kershawknives (Instagram) or /KershawKnives/ on Facebook. You can also subscribe to the Kershaw Channel on YouTube.
  • Made in USA
  • Deep-carry
  • Sub-Frame Lock
  • KVT ball-bearing opening
  • Flipper
  • Reversible deep-carry pocketclip (right/left, tip-up)
  • Steel: Sandvik 14C28N, stonewashed finish
  • Handle: 6061-T6 anodized aluminum
  • Blade Length: 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4.7 in. (11.8 cm)
  • Overall Length: 8.2 in. (20.7 cm)
  • Weight: 3.4 oz. (96.4 g)

V43 from Victory First to debut at SHOT Show 2019

V43 from Victory First to debut at SHOT Show 2019

We received a release from Victory First. They’re an outstanding training organization in Virginia with a unique and focused background on carrying weapons concealed and then fighting with them (which is not always the same thing as just concealed carry/EDC, as those who train often and hard already know).

Here’s what we’re told:

Victory First is excited to announce the debut of their V43 Upper Receiver at the 2019 NSSF SHOT Show, January 22 – 25, 2019 in Las Vegas.

The V43 is a custom-designed and manufactured slide for a stock Glock model 43. The concept that began in 2017 in nearing the final stages of testing and Victory First is shooting for full rate production and shipping to begin in 1st quarter of 2019.

Matt Jacques, founder and owner of Victory First, explains:

“The intent of the project was to simply lengthen the slide and barrel to increase the comfort for concealment, specifically when carrying the gun in the appendix region (AIWB). I spend a ton of time with folks discussing why short sight radius guns are so uncomfortable when carrying AIWB. I refer to it as the Lego Principle. Stepping on a Lego wouldn’t hurt if it was the size of your cell phone; short guns hurt because they pinch at your waist. So, we’ve stretched the slide and produced a match barrel to optimize the Glock Model 43.”

Victory First V43 Glock 43 Upgrade

The V43 is a custom, direct drop on slide that is precision machined from 17-4PH Stainless steel that is fitted with OEM Glock components and, as Jacques stated, a match Victory Barrel. The slide is 6.89in. in length and the standard barrel will measure 4.33in. Threaded barrels cut with industry standard thread pitch will also be available at full rate production.

Jacques continues.

“This configuration keeps the frame slim, but gives it a G19-ish sized slide and barrel combo. This will alleviate discomfort felt by folks who love the slim profile of the Model 43 but found it unpleasant to carry. There is the additional benefit of lengthened sight radius and increased barrel length, both of which improve accuracy and performance.  We have prototype samples of slides for direct mounting various red dot optics, so yes, we’ll be offering those as well.”

Make plans to see the new Victory First V43 at SHOT Show in booth #20066

For additional information, contact our staff: info(at)Victory-First.

Train Smart, Train Often, Victory First

Visit Victory First online at

Connect on Facebook, /Victory1st/.

Follow on Instagram, @victory1st.

Follow on Twitter, @VictoryFirst.

Grey Ghost has a new “hydration EDC pack” available

Grey Ghost Gear TQ Hydration Pack

The tan color is Coyote, rather than FDE, but it looks to be a pretty nice pack so we’ll overlook the color problem!

GGG has released their “T.Q. Hydration Pack” (TQ = Thirst Quencher) in four color schemes. It retails for $109.99.

Grey Ghost Gear TQ Hydration Pack

The main compartment holds a 3L bladder with room leftover for a rolled up jacket, accessories, and assorted thingamawhatsits, or a firearm if appropriate. GG says,

“[In consideration of] the ambidextrous wearer, each straw is equipped to run the drinking tube up through the top of the pack and down either shoulder, where you’ll find an elastic strap for securing the tube for easy use on the move. Whether you’re headed out on a day hike, flying to your next adventure or a day at the beach, the T.Q. is ready.

The next pocket has an organizational pouch for your flashlight, writing utensils, additional necessary gear, and even your wallet. Thanks to the two adjustable side straps, over-stuffing won’t be an issue, as the straps compress both aforementioned compartments with ease.

The front-most pouch enclosure is intended for the item you need the most immediate access to; whether it be your phone, a snack or medical supplies. Two loops on the front of the pouch allow for the quick attachments or insertions.

Each zipper has a generous plastic finger loop for quick access. Like our other bags, there is a hidden pocket on the bottom that stows a rain cover for the unexpected inclement weather. The back panel has concealed padding that is completely covered in breathable mesh, allowing air to circulate down your spine.”

The TQ Hydration Pack is available in Black Diamond & Orange Heather, Black Diamond & Black Heather, Black Diamon & Grey Heather, and Coyote Brown. It’s manufactured with RipStop  (30% lighter than 500D Cordura) LiteLok  (water resistant up to 127cm and less visible in low light environments). The pack holds 594 cubic inches, with dimensions of 17.5h x 8.5w x 5d.

You can check out the pack here. Grey Ghost Gear is on Instagram, @greyghostgear, and is a part of the Tactical Buyers Club.

Lightforce USA “Striker” Vehicle LED lights now available

Lightforce USA “Striker” Vehicle LED lights now available

Lightforce USA has released a line of rectangular vehicle LEDs called the Striker series, with15 LumiLEDs aboard, but the best part is that they’ll be offered with an IR option for use with Night Vision.

Striker lights are built in Australia. They feature EMC shielding, which reduces radio-stereo interference, modular filters to match different driving conditions, and a complete DIY installation kit. Said kit features a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adapters for headlight high beams, dashboard switch, all necessary consumables, and individually labeled wires.

Filter modularity is explained this way:

• A spot filter comes standard and delivers a virtually unaltered beam. It protects your light’s lens.
• A wide filter disperses some of the light into a wide (letterbox) beam pattern aiding peripheral vision on windy roads and 4WD applications, and
• A flood filter, which further disperses the light into a ‘ball’, suitable for campsites, workshops and high-performance scene lighting.
Product Specifications: 
●Distance: 1 lux at 754m
●Distance: 0.25 lux at 1508m
●Effective Lumens: 3466
●Raw Lumens: 5625
●Colour Temperature: 5000K
●CRI: 70
●Current Draw: 8.8Amps @ 13.2V
●Voltage Range: 10V – 36V DC
●Wattage: 60W (Each)
●Ingress Protection Rating: IP68, IP69K
●Weight: 1Kg (Including Mounts)
You can learn more, or order a set, on the Lightforce USA Striker page.