Lightforce USA “Striker” Vehicle LED lights now available

Lightforce USA “Striker” Vehicle LED lights now available

Lightforce USA has released a line of rectangular vehicle LEDs called the Striker series, with15 LumiLEDs aboard, but the best part is that they’ll be offered with an IR option for use with Night Vision.

Striker lights are built in Australia. They feature EMC shielding, which reduces radio-stereo interference, modular filters to match different driving conditions, and a complete DIY installation kit. Said kit features a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adapters for headlight high beams, dashboard switch, all necessary consumables, and individually labeled wires.

Filter modularity is explained this way:

• A spot filter comes standard and delivers a virtually unaltered beam. It protects your light’s lens.
• A wide filter disperses some of the light into a wide (letterbox) beam pattern aiding peripheral vision on windy roads and 4WD applications, and
• A flood filter, which further disperses the light into a ‘ball’, suitable for campsites, workshops and high-performance scene lighting.
Product Specifications: 
●Distance: 1 lux at 754m
●Distance: 0.25 lux at 1508m
●Effective Lumens: 3466
●Raw Lumens: 5625
●Colour Temperature: 5000K
●CRI: 70
●Current Draw: 8.8Amps @ 13.2V
●Voltage Range: 10V – 36V DC
●Wattage: 60W (Each)
●Ingress Protection Rating: IP68, IP69K
●Weight: 1Kg (Including Mounts)
You can learn more, or order a set, on the Lightforce USA Striker page.

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