Holosun HS503GU FDE/Elevated Tech Slide

I just got in some new FDE products, the Holosun Circle Dot Micro Red Dot optic along with yhe Elevated Tech Slide Mount. These will be the primary optics solution for my FDE AR Pistol build. I will test it out on other platforms as well. More to come, stay tuned. Here’s a short video of it:

To get the HS503GU FDE at Primary Arms (you’ll get Free Shipping and discounts on magnifier and mounts)

To get the Slide:

Lead Faucet Tactical-Brain Dump on CQB Carbine Course (at B-B-C)

Lead Faucet Tactical-Brain Dump on CQB Carbine Course

My full AAR or Brain Dump on Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical’s CQB Carbine Course from a few months back is on at Breach Bang Clear.

Thanks to Dan for having me and OCSD SWAT for allowing me to train with them and see them work.

For the full article, click this link:

Safariland 6365 Holster Video Review on YouTube

It’s been a crazy busy year. I’m working on a lot of reviews and trying to make more videos on my YouTube channel. Here’s and updated video on my Safariland 6365 Level 3 Duty Holster for my Sig Sauer P320 Compact and Surefire X300U. It’s non scripted and I’m just going off what comes to mind so sorry for all the ums. I will do my best to make more videos and improve upon that.

Click below to watch!

Primary Arms/Holosun ACSS Red Dot

Holosun Paralow HS503G Red Dot Sight – ACSS Reticle

I just received fhe Primary Arms exclusive Holosun Red Dot with their ACSS Reticle. This will go on a PDW Project that I am working on soon. For now, it’s on my Radical Firearms Upper and I like the reticle as well as the magnifier.

Due to some technical issues, Primary Arms has ended their commission based program with me. Therefore the links to the deals on all of my posts are now gone. They have moved me into a different progarm where I will still be able to review their optics line and share my experiences with them onto you. They make excellent value priced, high end and everything in between quality optical solutions. I look forward to working with this great company and please check out their products at www.primaryarms.com by supporting them, you are supporting me and what I do. I appreciate it, thank you!