SOLO: Lynx Defense Rifle Bag

Lynx Defense Rifle Bag in FDE

Lynx Defense sent out their latest rifle bags, the Solo for me to review. It just became available in FDE, which is right up my alley.

Single Rifle Bag
The original Single Rifle Bag. Lynx Defense/Facebook.

It takes over from their Single Rifle Bag. It was designed to hold a 16″ AR-15 with a collapsible stock. They are 100% made in Selma, NC, in the US of A, which I applaud them for doing because of how difficult it is to accomplish, especially in the tactical nylon business. Most companies outsource labor to cut costs. Having a USA made product supports fellow hard-working Americans and keeps our economy and industry strong.

Open Lynx Defense Rifle Bag with rifle

My Solo Rifle Bag came with a Certificate of Authenticity with initials from the person who sewed it, inspected it, did the final quality check, and then signed by Michael Savage, the President. It brings a very personal touch and connection to everyone involved with working on the end product, which you are about to use and, in this case, something you are trusting to protect your expensive hardware. I also appreciate certificates of authenticity in the products I use because it shows that the people behind it put a lot of care and pride into what they make.

Front of the Lynx Defense Solo

I usually run double rifle bags so I can carry more guns with me to the range. I never really thought much about having single rifle bags for that reason. After picking up the Solo Rifle Bag, I immediately felt and understood why having one is beneficial. This bag is deceiving because it is so much lighter than it looks, and it is a good-looking bag, too. The quality of materials and workmanship is quickly apparent throughout the bag. It is one of the nicest bags I have had.

Here are the Dimensions:

  • Length – 36″
  • Height – 12″
  • Width – 4″

It is very simplistic, with a nice black velcro ID panel in the center, below the carry handles. The panel has tan cross-stitching, which gives it a nice touch. Below that is a velcro-sealed admin pouch. To the left and right are bigger, zippered storage compartments.

Velcro panel of the Solo.

Onto the main compartment. The front panel has two zippered storage compartments that run the entire length inside and are split in the middle. The back panel is black velcro, similar to the exterior ID panel. There are three tan retention straps that will help keep your rifle stable.

On the back, there are D rings at each corner of the bag. There is a good amount of padding in every place in the Solo Rifle Bag, and it does so very well. there are no edges that get folded in or collapse at times. It is a very solidly designed and made bag. It does an excellent job at keeping your rifle safe from impacts, not that most rifles can’t handle being tossed around, but why not keep it in the best shape if you can, during transport?

Rifle secured in the Solo

There was one thing I really wish it had, and that would be having lockable zippers for the main compartment. I like to be able to lock the zipper. Even if small locks are easy to defeat or cut, it’s something that I prefer. I relayed this suggestion over to them for some feedback.

The bag is still very lightweight, even with my rifle inside. Carrying it is easy with the single carry handle. I do like to be able to have a single shoulder strap or two and wear it as a backpack. The straps for the present D rings will be available soon.

Back of the Lynx Defense Solo rifle bag

This bag is perfect for everyone who just needs to take one rifle with them to the range, as well as for Law Enforcement Officers and their Patrol Rifles if they carry them in their trunks.

The price of the Solo Rifle Bag starts at $299 with solid colors: Black, Tan (FDE), Wolf Grey, and Ranger Green. The prices go up to $359 for camo pattern colorways, depending on the specific pattern. There is Multicam Black and Tropic, Vietnam and Desert Tiger Stripe. I can see some out there asking why it is at that high of a price point. The answer to that is overall quality. That comes from quality materials, build quality, and attention to detail that is put into each bag, and done so with American labor. You get what you pay for, and I will say you will get your hard earned dollar’s worth with the Solo Rifle Bag.

Lynx Defense Rifle Bags in various colors
Lynx Defense Rifle Bags in available colors.

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