P365: First Range Trip

I picked up my Sig Sauer P365 on Monday and today I got to hit the range. It came with 2 Ten round mags and I got a Twelve round extended mag to go with it.

My first range experience was very different from that of mine with the Glock 43. After the first two ten round mags, it got accustomed to it, something that took hundreds of rounds through the G43. A lot has to do with the trigger; it is more refined, smooth and crisp, which is very nice for a stock gun. Here’s the results from the third magazine I fired:

12 rounds at 22 yards. Not bad for me, especially with micro compacts.

Recoil was manageable but still snappy due to it’s size. I would say that it is similar to the G43 in that respect.

I qualified with it to be my back up gun on my first try, something that usually have trouble with small pistols that I don’t have many rounds through.

So far so good. I sold my G43 to buy the P365 and I made the right choice. Stand by for more, that’s all for now!

P320c & P365 size comparison.

Lucas Gun Oil. Great stuff, I’ve been using this on all of my guns for the past few years.

AIWB holster and Mag holder from AnR design.

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