Primary Arms!

Fifty Shades of FDE is now an affiliate of Primary Arms! I will be reviewing their optics and ACSS reticle. In the meantime, here are some links to products that will have free or discounted options available in those product pages. *I do receive commission on every purchase and it’s another way for you to support what I do here on this blog! I will be adding more to this list in the future.

Due to some technical issues, Primary Arms has ended their commission based program with me. Therefore the links to the deals on all of my posts are now gone. They have moved me into a different progarm where I will still be able to review their optics line and share my experiences with them onto you. They make excellent value priced, high end and everything in between quality optical solutions. I look forward to working with this great company and please check out their products at by supporting them, you are supporting me and what I do. I appreciate it, thank you!

As always, thank you for your support! -Fifty

Primary Arms Optics:

Advanced Micro Dot in FDE

3X Compact Prism Scope/ACSS/5.56 Reticle/FDE

5X Compact Prism Scope/ACSS/5.56,5.45,.308 Reticle/FDE

Platinum Series 1-8X24mm Riflescope with Advanced Mil Reticle

Platinum Series 6-30X56 FFP Scope with DEKA MIL Reticle

Trijicon Optics:

Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG with Red ACSS Reticle and AR-Height Base

Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG with Green ACSS Reticle and AR-Height Base

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