Peace Officer Memorial Month


May is dedicated to Memorialize Peace Officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, those who have fallen in the line of duty. This week is Police Week and unfortunately names are added to the Peace Officer’s Memorial in Washington D.C.
It doesn’t matter what color uniform, patch that is on the shoulders of each Officer. We are all  part of one family: The Thin Blue Line.
It is an inherently dangerous profession to be in. It is however not the most dangerous, according to some research on the subject, Law Enforcement doesn’t make it into the top 10. What separates Peace Officers with other professions is that the job requires each Officer to risk their own safety and lives to protect others. We wear bullet resistant vests, carry tools on our belts, a handgun and extra ammunition because it is our job to handle threats that nobody else will. Courage is being scared but moving forward anyways. In many cases, the Officer doesn’t get to go home at the end of their shift. There are many stories of heroism that do not get shared.
I myself have attended more memorial services in my relatively short career than I can remember. I do my absolute best to attend every service that I am able to. I do so because it is important to me personally, that I pay my respects to a fallen officer and their family. I may not know them personally, but they stood up for the same thing that I believe in. It is least I could to do to honor them. They all paid the ultimate sacrifice, they left behind their families and it is our duty to remember them and keep their memories alive. Rest In Peace brothers and sisters, my thoughts go out to you and your families.

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