Update! I got my P320c Back!

Update on the Sig Sauer P320 Voluntary Upgrade.

To my surprise, my Sig Sauer P320c was delivered to me yesterday. I was expecting it to take at least five more weeks. Sig received it last Tuesday, so they got it in and out in day’s time. Some noticeable differences:

– the Trigger has a thinner profile and feels like the trigger on the P320 X five, which I shot quite a bit at Summit in the Sand. I like it a lot better than the previous trigger. Once you pull the trigger, theres no positive reset to dry fire as with the previous trigger. You have to rack the slide to have that click.

– the take down lever has much more resistance than before.

– the Slide has minor machining marks and looks like a new striker installed. 

I will have more pictures and comparison later. Stay tuned! 

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