The Second Amendment

Our Second Amendment, in my opinion is our most important Amendment in our Constitution because it gives us the right to defend ourselves from our own government and enemies, foreign and domestic. It gives our First Amendment and the rest some teeth and protection.
With everything going on in the world currently, it is more important than ever. It is a known fact that the percentage of actual Law Enforcement Officers per population in the United States is grossly out of balance. Just numbers alone, there isn’t enough Law Enforcement personnel available to be everywhere all at once.
Even agencies with the most highly trained, best equipped officers still have to wait for a call and then respond.
It is just mind boggling how anyone can blame an inanimate object and hold it responsible for the actions of evil people. It has always been a people problem. People don’t blame cars for DUI related deaths etc.
Gun ownership is not for everyone, besides those who aren’t allowed to own one; there are people who cannot and will not take another person’s life no matter the circumstance. There is nothing wrong with that, that is a choice each person has to make for themselves. For those who choose exercise their Second Amendment Right to own firearms, who has the right to tell them how they should do it? It says, “Shall not be Infringed.” So technically nobody really has the right to do so. Sure there needs to be laws to prevent those who shouldn’t have them and background checks.
There’s the argument that the forefathers never intended to allow the rights to be extended to semi-automatic AR-15’s. How would they know? All the other rights including the First Amendment are able to adapt with the advances of technology so why are we singling out the Second? Did the forefathers expect the invention of the internet and social media etc? Didn’t think so.
All of the most recent mass shootings should be a reminder why it is important to have the ability to defend ourselves from evil people, and not blame the weapons they choose; weapons that are usually banned for them to possess in the first place.
Criminals and terrorists do not obey any laws. Why would anyone expect them to obey the gun laws and gun free zones?
The Second Amendment does not give anyone the right to commit murder or crimes. It is against the law to murder and do criminal acts with firearms last time I checked.
I support every law abiding citizen who chooses to defend themselves and utilizes their Second Amendment Right.
For those who are against guns, I leave you with this question:
Would you rather have the ability to defend your own life when there is a person standing over you about to murder you or ask for mercy?
Also know that having a gun doesn’t guarantee safety and success. It however gives you a fighting chance at tipping the outcome in your favor.

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