The Fifty Shades of FDE SCAR 17


Some of you follow my Instagram Account @fiftyshadesofFDE so you know a lot about this. I started it last year after I got my SCAR 17s in Flat Dark Earth. It’s my public account where I post pictures and videos of my guns and gear. I also repost content that interest me.


With the EoTech and WarComp

My SCAR 17s has been my favorite rifle that I own and I’ve customized it to serve my needs. For me, it serves as a short to medium range battle rifle. I get a lot of questions about it so I’ll go over all of the after market accessories that make up my Fifty Shades of FDE SCAR 17s.
The easiest way for me to do this is to go from muzzle to buttstock.


I did make a YouTube video going over the accessories.
At the muzzle, I replaced the PWS FSC30 brake with a Surefire MB762 Muzzlebrake. Initially I had a Surefire WarComp 7.62 on but the felt recoil was something close to a 12 gauge slug. The WarComp works as advertised, it eliminates all flash and keeps the muzzle flat. It wasn’t for me and the Muzzlebrake is what I went with. Muzzlebrakes are great with eliminating recoil but they are simply obnoxious to shoot around bystanders, at the range or indoors. For that issue, I have a Surefire Warden, which attaches to the MB762 with ease. The Warden is not a suppressor but it gets real hot real fast. I asked Jr, over at Burn Proof Gear to make me a cover for the Warden.


He quickly sent me a prototype and a few months later, I received the final product. (I haven’t had a chance to range test it yet) but I can say that it is well built and solid fit. I will write a review as soon  as I take it out to the range. It is now called the Blast Shield Cover and you can order one here:
Next item is probably the most important in my opinion: the KDG MREX (MLOK) 6.5″ FDE rail extension. You can read my review on that here:
Attached to my MREX, I have a Steiner DBal-i2 with Green Laser (this is on loan from a friend and not mine) at the top rail. At the 3 o’clock rail I have a Surefire Mini Scout M300C with a SR07 constant/momentary switch attached to the top rail behind my folded front sight. On the bottom rail, I can attach/detach my Harris Bipod via ARMS throw lever mount. Also at the bottom, I have a Magpul MLOK Vertical Grip.


On the lower receiver, I have a Battery Control Device (BCD) by Parker Mountain Machine. It works exactly like a Magpul BAD lever, except it was designed ground up for the SCAR system. I replaced the stock charging handle to the GG&G angled charging handle. My safety selectors are AXTS/KDG Talon SCAR, given to me from Recoil Magazine for letting them borrow my SCAR for an article for that products’ debut. My pistol grip is a Magpul MOE grip modified by PMM. Standard AR pistol grips need modifications to fit correctly and PMM does that for you!
On top of my receiver, I currently run an Aimpoint PRO with a GG&G cantilever mount that holds a spare battery. I also have a Millett DMS-1 1-4X optic on standby in case I need magnification.
At the very end, I finally got a KDG SAS Stock. KDG takes Magpul ACR stocks and adds a metal adaptor to slide onto the SCAR. It is lighter and stronger than the good ole Ugg Boot but I’m keeping the Ugg Boot because the cheek riser does get higher than the SAS stock for when shooting magnified optics.


And finally the sling: I run a Blueforce Gear Vickers Sling with QD mounts in Multicam Arid.
There you have it! This is my current setup and I don’t plan on changing much in the future but you never know, I’m always open to new ideas and methods. This system is highly modular and it is always adaptable to fit whatever mission I need it to.

4 thoughts on “The Fifty Shades of FDE SCAR 17

  • May 3, 2016 at 7:19 pm

    I enjoy your blog and your YT channel. Great stuff.
    Two quick questions:

    1. Does the addition of the SF comp + Warden allow your 17 to meet the CA OAL requirement for a folded stock? My understanding is that you’re a CA resident like myself. It bugs me that the folder on my 17 is pinned/blocked due to the CA OAL req. My other thoughts were that maybe you were out of state when you took the last picture with the folded stock, or that you have an LEO exemption for the OAL req. I would love to have my folder operational but my only ideas to accomplish that were to either put on an extended muzzle device or weld a small 1.5-2″ piece of metal to the bottom of my KDG SAS stock hinge that brings the OAL to 30″+ when folded. I hate these hoops we jump through in CA.

    2. Do you use goggles with the DBAL? My understanding is that using IR illum. with an attached IR scope is illgal in CA. Or would that also fall in an LEO exemption for you?


    • May 3, 2016 at 7:25 pm

      Thanks for reading my blog! To answer your questions. 1. No, it does not meet the OAL requirement unfortunately. I only use it for photos. LEO’s aren’t exempt on that or the bullet button for personally owned firearms.
      2. I use the NVG that I’m borrowing from a friend along with the dbal. I’m not aware of the laws regarding NVGs and IR illuminators. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. Doesn’t surprise me in this state.

      • May 7, 2016 at 8:34 pm

        Thanks for the reply.

        That’s a bummer, and quite ridiculous IMO, that you’re not exempt from that BS as an LEO.

        And yup, CA has its own set of equally ridiculous NV/IR/IR Illum. laws – but like you, NOTHING surprises me in this state anymore. For reference, I found this little quick-guide cheat sheet on Calguns:

        Active IR scope with magnification = illegal [PC 468]
        Active IR scope with no magnification = legal
        Passive IR scope with magnification = legal
        Passive IR scope with magnification and an IR illuminator = illegal [PC 468]
        Passive IR scope with no magnifcation = legal
        Passive IR scope with no magnification and an IR illuminator = legal
        Active IR goggles with magnification = legal
        Active IR goggles with no magnification = legal
        Passive IR goggles with magnification = legal
        Passive IR goggles with magnification and an IR illuminator = legal
        Passive IR googles with no magnification = legal
        Passive IR goggles with no magnification and an IR illuminator = legal

        The PEQ/DBAL is considered an IR illuminator.”

        Thanks again, and keep up the awesome work.

        • May 7, 2016 at 8:49 pm

          Thanks for the quick cheat sheet on IR. That’s some ridiculous stuff lol. The only exemptions LEO’s have in CA are the ability to buy off roster pistols and possess and use standard “high” capacity magazines. That’s about it!


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