Surefire Helmet Light Mount for OpsCore Rails Review


For many years, those that run the Surefire HL-1 Helmet Lights have been looking for a specific mount for their OpsCore Helmet rails. Their options included a kit from Tango Down which requires some assembly. Surefire recently developed the solution to this problem, and it’s available now! The model number is: ADPT-HL1-OC and goes for $37 MSRP.


My buddy Steve from Surefire let me borrow one for T&E. It is very quick and easy to attach to the OpsCore rails *Please Note: it’s designed specifically for OpsCore spec rails, I’ve tried them on other brand rails and they don’t seem to lock in place. I would only recommend this mount if you have genuine OpsCore Rails!


To attach the mount to your rail, turn the mount 90° either way from the base. This takes the tension away from the locking mechanism. Once you have at your desired position on your rail, rotate it back and you’re done! It’s that simple.
It’s not on their website yet, so to order, give their service representatives a call at: 1-800-828-8809
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Special Thanks to Steve from Surefire for letting me borrow the mount to review!

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