Cloud Defensive. SHOT Show 2020

It’s gonna REIN!

By: Fifty Shades of FDE

The tactical weapon light forecast shows a high chance of REIN. Cloud Defensive showed up to SHOT Show 2020 with their version of the traditional WML: the REIN (Rail mounted Environmental IllumiNator), not the best acronym but it goes with the whole Cloud theme.

REIN with the OWL

The REIN comes in two sizes. The full size REIN will take a 18650 battery and the Micro will take a 13650 battery. They take traditional mounting options and will ship with a picatinny rail mount.

Lighting it up with the REIN

Tentative performance is very potent. The REIN will have 1300+ lumens and over 58K candela. The light temperature will stay warm at 4K. Runtime for the full size REIN is 85-120 minutes, depending on the battery and the Micro will have understandably less.

The tailcap will feature a push button and a remote switch that comes out of the side. The button and remote switch are independent of each other should on fail, you still have one that does. The remote switch will go into a new generation LCS mount.

Patented Battery Jack. Since there isn’t a standardized size for 18650s, the guys at Cloud Defensive came out with the battery jack which keeps the battery from bouncing back and forth during recoil.

The REIN forecast according to Cloud Defensive will be coming in around April.

Booth N351

If you’re at SHOT, visit their booth at N351 in the Next Level section.

Sean McCauley with the REIN, me with the Micro 

To watch my interview with Sean McCauley, click here:

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