When Evil stares at you, stare back!

Throughout my career, I’ve come across a lot of criminals. Most of them made poor decisions or life choices. Seldom do I ever run into some truly evil people.  Those are the ones you don’t forget.
It’s like looking into the eyes of a shark; black, cold and empty. Their facial expressions are full of hate and rage. As scary and intimidating as they may seem, I’m not afraid to face them. I too, can look fearsome and when they stare at me with all of their hatred for my uniform, my race, or whatever..I stare right back.
A few years ago, I was in a arraignment courtroom and one the inmates was an overt white supremacist with his lightening bolts and 88 tattoos all over his neck and face. He was uncooperative from the moment he entered the courtroom. He eventually had to be physically escorted by the detention deputies out of the courtroom. Later on, his mother approached me asking about him. Usually, family members I deal with are curious as to when someone gets released from jail. She was the total opposite. With fear all over her face, she asked me to confirm that her son will be staying in custody as she was in fear of her life from her son. I wasn’t a parent then, but now that I am, I couldn’t imagine going through what that poor woman has to go through.
Racism is still in existence of today, sadly. I just don’t get it in this day and age with all of the information available for people to educate themselves. It’s a huge topic in our media and I can say what most cops will attest to, I don’t care what someone’s race or ethnicity they are, it’s their actions that were focused on.
A few months ago a man who was probably suffering from some mental illness had a rough time going through our weapons screening process and had to place a forbidden item outside of the building. He responded by opening the exit door and throwing the item outside. I told him that he needed to take it away from the building and not throw it. He got about a few feet from my face and stared right at me and clenched his fists and started to turn red, it reminded me of the Hulk getting angry. He then turned away and did what I requested him to do. On his re-entry through the metal detector, he yelled something at me that was inaudible. I asked him to repeat himself. He said it again and it was still inaudible. Then he said, “First Amendment! Freedom of speech!” I responded with, “okay…” He then said what he said earlier, this time clear and loud, “I HATE ASIANS!!!!” I replied with, “Well I don’t care!”
Once my partners heard what he said, they stayed with him and eventually escorted him out of the building for saying other absurd things to civilian staff members.
Does it make my blood boil? Yes, but I’m a professional and I know better than to let my emotions get in the way of my job. It’s all part of the job, to take it and move on. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is to just let it go.

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