the Sheepdog Mindset

The term ‘Sheepdog’ is used quite a bit lately. You may have heard it from members of our military or law enforcement. I, myself am a Sheepdog.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s book On Killing defines what Sheepdog are.

Simply put, it describes the Sheepdog as the protectors of the Sheep, from the Wolves. In our society, the Sheepdogs are personified in our military warriors who take the fight our enemies abroad and our law enforcement officers, who protect our citizens from criminals.

The Sheepdog Mindset is to always be prepared to face the evil that we know exists. In order to stop the wolves, they must be able to use their teeth.

I have no military experience and never served, therefore I could only speak about my point of view as an officer. I can say that it is not easy being a Sheepdog, you are almost always reactionary because you’re there to protect, not instigate. In today’s world, the level of violence is rising and those who commit those acts have no regard for anyone besides themselves. The criminals are armed with the latest technologies, whether it be electronics or weapons. We need to modernize our own equipment in order to protect ourselves, making us effective against those who are bent on doing harm to others or ourselves. The Sheep, however are sometimes intimidated by our own weapons and equipment. The are afraid because they are not familiar with them or the real threats we face on a daily basis.

I have the right mindset. To those that don’t, all I can say is: failure to plan is planning to fail.

If we’re not effective Sheepdogs, then the Wolves will have free reign over all.

To all my fellow Sheepdogs, stay safe!

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