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My good friend Joe, a fellow writer at Breach Bang Clear, just retired from 14 years of service with the Navy and is now onto his next venture in the civilian sector. Here is the full scoop:

CPO Joe Dawson, USN/NSW (RET) is John Darwin No Longer

Contact: [email protected]

(Salem, OR) September 21, 2018

Several tactical-outdoor companies and publications are happy to share the news that Joseph “Joe” Dawson, USN has retired. Dawson spent the last 14 years serving in various Naval Special Warfare (NSW) billets. During much of that time he has written under the nom de plumes “John Darwin” and “Joe” for Modern Service Weapons, RECOIL Magazine, and Breach-Bang-Clear.

He is now medically retired as a CPO (SOC) and free to write, instruct, and consult under his real name.

⚠️ Dawson promises never to write a non-fiction book. Nor to pen any exaggerated exploits and tales of derring-do disguised as an autobiography. Certainly nothing with colors, shapes, or the word HEROES in the name. ⚠️

Joe Dawson is the son of a law enforcement family, an avid reader (Jack London to Jim Butcher and all points between). He is a hopelessly dedicated father and greasemonkey/gearhead who enjoys turning wrenches with a fierce and terrible love. Dawson has been shooting competitively for several years now, as his schedule permitted, enjoying primary PRS and USPSA but also dabbling in 3 Gun and IDPA.

During his Navy career, Dawson deployed to Iraq Afghanistan and different AOs in the Pacific. From 2011 to 2013 he was the lead Petty Officer in charge of Land Warfare Training. For the last three years, he served as the Course Supervisor and Course Manager for the NSW Sniper School (a DoD LV1 Sniper program), concurrently filling both billets.

Dawson’s qualifications are, he advises, “…about what you’d expect.” He was static-line and HAHO/HALO qualified, served as a sniper, lead breacher, HRST Cast Master, Navy Dive Supervisor, Navy Master Training Specialist, and Master Training Specialist Mentor, and an Athlete’s Performance SOF Tactical Military Mentor. He was a longtime NSW RSOIC, working small arms, demolitions, indirect fire, CQB, Ground Mobility Vehicle, and other ranges.

He recently graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Business Administration and is a member of the Alpha Lambda Honor Society. He continues to write as a freelancer as time allows.

“Lots of dudes went to Afghanistan and Iraq,” says Dawson. “Many of them did more than I did, many did less. Most all of them did what they sent out to do, same as me. Having some deployments under your belt isn’t some validation of incredible heroism or mythic skill as a warfighter. I’m proud of my service. I was pretty good at my job. I’ll never forget the incredible teammates I served with. But now I’m ready to get my civilian on.”

Dawson will continue to write and work as an SME/consultant for a handful of companies of good character, with good products, and hopes to freelance for other publications. He will also still be teaching on occasion through the auspices of Bruiser Industries and will, once he gets settled into his new household billet, be back out competing as much as possible.

Connect with Joe Dawson professionally on Instagram, @bruiserindustries, or personally as @joe.dawson45. He is also on Facebook, /BruiserIndustries/ and /Joe.Dawson45/. Bruiser Industries can be found at Private consults and closed training sessions are available.

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