Cloud Defensive OWL Update!

The Cloud Defensive OWL went through some updates and is still on track for Summer Release!

From Sean McCauley:
It’s coming. Optimized Weapon Light.
. . . – Single 18650 power source. – Output and Run-time to be announced soon. It’s VERY potent. 1500plus with Multiple head options = choose your power and beam pattern. I hope you like a lot of light. 😎
– Reversible with our patented design = ambidextrous. – QD head and tail for the fastest battery change in the game.
– Field-Serviceable lens. If you compromise the glass, you can change it out, in the field, in about 60 seconds.
– Integrated tool in tailcap for attaching OWL to your weapon AND for changing the lens. = tool-free design.
– Will be available in all our colors. FDE will be exclusively available at milspecretail so go check them out soon.
– Momentary and constant-on capability
– Clears all BUIS that we’ve found.
– $339.99 and pre-sale is live now. Link in bio
– Still on track to ship this summer.
– Made in the USA, by us. Because that’s how we roll.

Watch the video:

You can pre-order at:

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