5.11 Tactical at SHOT Show 2018

5.11 Tactical SHOT Show 2018

This has been a busy show for me. All of my coverage so far has been on www.breachbangclear.com
This is the first chance I got to post on here.

I went over and met with Kristen Gooding from 5.11 Tactical and she showed me a ton of new products that I plan to get a hold of in the future for more in depth reviews.

Law Enforcement Uniforms:
5.11 partnered up with Woolmark and came up with a new line of Class A uniforms that feature flex-tac technology. It is a 60/40 polyester/wool blend that is stretchy, soft and washable. It feels nice and comfortable to wear.

Amped Packs.
These new packs will be available in their 12, 24 and 72 sizes. They allfeature the new Hex grid panel that you can attach to the packs. The Hex Grid allows you to attach standard molle pouches in any direction you want, straight up and down, sideways or diagonally. This allows for better ergonomics.

All the Amped packs are velcro lined inside and have a eye wear compartment, hidden ccw compartment, mutiple zippers on each main compartment for easy access.

The 72 has an additional briefcase compartment that will hold a 24″ SBR or garments.

All Missions Plate Carrier.

This line of plate carrier is scalable from slick to fully loaded and it os very modular with g hooks that will take the Hex Grid panels. They have thin and strong shoulder straps that can have additional padding of wanted. The fully loaded carrier has a dual layer cummerbund that will accept side plates on the inside and high velocity hex grid on the outside for attachments.

GEO7 Camo.

5.11 partners up with Veil Camo to come up with a camouflage pattern that will work in all seven continents. This pattern is unique as it doesn’t have anything repeatable, everything will be different in every product. It incorporates micro and macro disruption. There is a day and night pattern. It will be available July 1st this year.

There is a ton of new apparel, especially for the women’s line. More pants, the ladies will also get the Defender Flex Jeans in many styles.
There are a lot of tops that are great for concealment clothing.

There are some new polos that are a bit more casual than your plaid patterns, the “Have a nice day” and Crestline camo.

The Aerial Polo is very breathable, with tiny holes throughout the shirt that aren’t visible when worn.

Outer wear:
5.11 teamed up with Prima Loft Tech to offer a more affordable line of outer wear for hiking and outdoor activities for both men a women.

I know this is not very descriptive but I have more ground to cover!

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